Our Vision is to be a centre of excellence in social enterprise, to be a voice for the growth of West Northamptonshire’s vibrant, existing social enterprise sector and an advocate of the positive social, economic, environmental and cultural impact it makes.


We will use our collective experience of the diversity of the sector to create an environment where new social enterprises can start, develop and flourish.


Network Building

To develop networks of support between Social Enterprises, businesses and the local community in West Northamptonshire.

To use that collaboration to achieve positive change for the sector and community.

Business Growth

Business Development

To create trading relationships between organisations from different Social Enterprise sectors as well as private and public businesses.

Awareness Raising &  Development

There are over 100 Social Enterprises in West Northamptonshire


Supporting the scale and growth of the existing Social Enterprise

economy in West Northamptonshire.

Providing opportunities for incubator Social Enterprises to develop sustainably.

Young Businesswomen

Creating Employment & Opportunities 

Organising events to encourage, inform and support skills development for entrepreneurs, students and others to seek and create employment within Social Enterprises.

Promote voluntary work experience and paid employment opportunities at Social Enterprises for students, graduates and those from the community who have additional barriers to employment.

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Successful Collaborations

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How can you can support your local Social Enterprise economy to grow?

Shop Worker

Buy from a Social Enterprise


Work for a Social Enterprise

Planting Trees

Volunteer or take an internship at a Social Enterprise


Start a Social Enterprise

Invest in a Social Enterprise

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