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The Chrysalis Programme is a world class Personal Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Development Programmes, that equips individuals with the essential life skills, helping them to better own and drive positive personal change in their lives.

I am a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) sitting on the Northamptonshire bench and an experienced Learning & Development and HR professional with over 20 years of strategic L&D, training and HR management experience working in the Royal Mail Group.  
I became frustrated that the current approach of ‘punishment led sentencing’ does not facilitate real change in offender behaviour and consequently there isn’t a reduction in levels of re-offending.  A key reason is “negative reinforcement alone is unlikely to produce a positive outcome” 

Product or Service

The innovative Chrysalis Programme aims to provide participants with the Essential Life Skills to improve their executive functioning, how they manage, both themselves, as well as how they interact with others; Interpersonal skills, social skills, communications skills ad thinking Skills.

The Chrysalis Programme if not an offender programme – it is an innovative personal leadership and personal effectiveness development programme which engages, inspires and compels individuals to make positive changes to their lives.  It equips individuals with the essential life skills to better manage themselves and interact more effectively with others.
Modules/learning sessions are made up of a mixture of presentations, exercises, activities, problem solving, thinking, planning, testing, reviewing and discussions, all conducted in a safe, non-judgemental and friendly learning environment.

Social or Environmental Mission

We want to help participants to think more positively, increase their self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence and self-motivation.  Creating capability and hope!


Our philosophy is all about positive reinforcement, learning, development and growth that acts as a catalyst for positive, sustainable, personal change, increasing employability and potential retention in the workplace.



“There is nothing about a caterpillar that   tells you it’s going to become a butterfly”

Operating In

Northamptonshire and across the UK

Head Office Address

Main Contact: David Apparicio MBE Founder and CEO

485 Wellingborough Road




Telephone: 07801 033157

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