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Diversiti UK Learning and Development

Diversiti UK Learning and Development C.I.C. is a training company with a strong social purpose, providing training in equality, diversity, unconscious bias, cultural competency, disability confident and safeguarding. Any profits are reinvested in supporting those most marginalised in society. We have many years’ experience of helping business and organisations to interpret and comply with their legal requirements; enabling personal development at all levels.

Product or Service

Diversiti UK is on a mission to bring understanding and harmony that makes collaboration and fun a core element in every workplace. A great Culture is the Key to success for every company and institution. Every business is only as good as it’s people, and the more fulfilment each employee enjoys, alongside comradeship and a sense of creativity, the greater the business result.  Team spirit is priceless. Our courses and handpicked trainers make this business ideal a reality.

Disability Confident - There is so much to be gained by knowing and respecting our colleagues, but isolation or cliques can make this impossible. Each of us has something to give and we all grow by allowing artificial barriers to melt away. The loss to many companies by not recognising the value of mutual respect, and to individuals by not holding out a hand to help, or be helped, is incalculable. Much can be gained at a personal and corporate level by enjoying a relaxed and co-operative environment to share, produce and enjoy.

Safeguarding - Working with children, young people and vulnerable adults can be incredibly rewarding but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility. One of your key responsibilities is the obligation to keep those who are in your care safe from abuse and neglect.
Safeguarding training is the perfect way to ensure that your team have the skills and knowledge that they need in order to be able to provide the best quality of service and protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse.

Social or Environmental Mission

Our aim is to have a positive impact and affect change for everyone in society regardless of individual circumstance.

  • The Key Principles of Our Organisation

  • Demonstrate the benefits of inclusion and equality

  • Strengthen workforces by creating unity

  • Build lasting relationships and generate greater cohesion in society

  • Ensure that everyone is valued for their contribution

  • Empower the most vulnerable to ensure they are kept safe

Operating In

Northamptonshire and across the UK

Head Office Address

Main Contact: Garry Connor (Director of Services)

60 Gold Street



Telephone: 0800 612 7479

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