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Here at the Outdoor Club CIC we are passionate about giving people the opportunity to get into the outdoors, to connect with nature and other people.


We organise and deliver outdoor sessions, from adults to babies, children to teenagers with a focus on supporting positive social, emotional and mental wellbeing.  


We do this through creating welcoming groups with engaging activities, suited for the age, stage and experience. 
We use a variety of outdoor settings, from public spaces to private outdoor locations. 

Product or Services

Baby Club – Nature Based sessions for babies and their adults

Toddler Outdoor Stay and Play

Pre-School Forest School sessions

Forest Schools for Children

Adult Wellbeing Sessions for individuals 

Outdoor wellbeing sessions for charities, organisations and clubs

Consultancy for Outdoor Engagement 

School Consultant for Educational Visits

Assessments for the Council for Learning outside the Classroom

Training in Education, First Aid for Mental Health, Learning Beyond the classroom, Educational Visit Coordinators and Visit Leaders

Social or Environmental Mission

The Outdoor Club CIC is dedicated to breaking down barriers to social isolation and poor mental health and wellbeing, whilst upskilling people in learning about the natural world around them. The UK is one of the most nature deprived countries in the world and ranked the lowest of 14 countries in Europe for Nature Connectedness (how in tune we are with the natural world around us and how much time we spend in nature).


Our children are growing up in a world full of screens, artificial light and with limited amount of physical activity, with little knowledge and understanding of the natural world around them. The Outdoor Club CIC aims to help change this, not just for the youngest generation, but for all. 
During the COVD-19 pandemic, we saw how important it was to connect with others and to spend time in outside spaces, improving our mood, energy levels and overall happiness. The work we do at The Outdoor Club is based in these simple principals (backed by science) that spending time together, making meaningful connections in the outdoors, boosts happiness and wellbeing.


We pride ourselves on creating welcoming environments, making amazing hot chocolates and providing supportive conversations. 

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