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Lemonpop Workshops

At Lemonpop Workshops we provide therapeutic self development arts programmes based on the philosophy that art making is central to healing and wellness. 

Our Personalised programme uses the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, in a safe and creative space where participants are invited, guided, and encouraged to rediscover, define and develop him or herself through the art making process. 

Product or Service

Our services provide an opportunity to develop weaknesses into strengths, creating opportunities by avoiding threats to your wellbeing, happiness and success 


  • Self Development Programmes - Participants are guided to discover, define and develop him or herself through the art making process. 

  • Educational Programmes - Participants develop the skills and attributes which are needed and necessary for learning, life and work opportunities. 

  • Therapeutic Art Programmes - Learning through Art is about encouraging the development of visual processing skills and improving fine motor skills

  • Community Projects - Creative Solutions to wider issues and topics affecting communities... ie social economic or wellbeing

  • Celebrations & Milestones - Skilled Art activities aimed at gaining transferrable skills and enjoyable to all ages and families

  • Events - Creative engagement & participation through activities that engage groups, families and local communities 

Social or Environmental Mission

Lemonpop Workshops continues to have a positive impact on society by working close with Schools, community organisations providing Creative Solutions programmes focusing on


Resilience Building

Leadership Training

Self Development

Community Participation and Engagement


|ncreasing the sense of Ownership, Responsibility and Empowerment. 

Operating In


Head Office Address

Main Contact: Marvin

Telephone: 07835165583

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