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Life at No.27

Life at No.27 is a gardening and wellbeing therapy organisation, built with passion at its core and designed to change lives. We use the power of nature and the art of gardening to support anyone struggling with low confidence, self-esteem, isolation and mental ill health. Enabling ownership and control, whilst building confidence, self-belief and inner purpose.

Product or Service

We run year long allotment programmes for adults, 1-2-1 therapeutic sessions for children and adults, 9 week school programmes for children and also after school clubs. Additionally, we run courses teaching anyone how to grow their own food and how to adapt how they garden or engage with nature in order to further improve their mental and physical health.

Life at No.27 is committed to providing a safe, inspiring and nurturing environment that can meet the needs of young people who are struggling in a mainstream setting and adults in day to day life.  We are focused on identifying individuals whose anxiety and lack in confidence can mean they are so often overlooked.

As an organisation we aim to empower people through a variety of practical, outdoor and creative activities that not only teach valuable and transferable skills, but that also have a meaningful and therapeutic value. We will foster relationships based on compassion and understand any behaviour is a form of communication of difficult thoughts and feelings. Through this we can begin to help a person have a deeper insight of themselves, which will develop and encourage emotional and social growth, whilst increasing self-awareness.

We have a culture firmly rooted in the therapeutic approach, in order to provide reflection, space for growth and support for the people accessing the service, their families and our growing team.

Social or Environmental Mission

The Life at No.27 mission is to connect with, believe in and empower people; transforming lives through the power of gardening and growing our own produce.

Operating In

Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire

Head Office Address

Main Contact: Annabelle Padwick (Founder)

Telephone: 07875357478

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