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Founded in 2008, our goal as a Community Interest Company is to help the local community through the creation of various projects and schemes designed to improve social welfare. In 2011 the University of Northampton became a key partner to our business and together we deliver a unique business model that is not only a highly profitable business but also benefits the local community.

Product Or Service

Based at the centre of Northamptonshire’s logistics heartland, we are a premier logistics company with reliable staff and constant innovation. Goodwill Solutions has operated in Northamptonshire since 2008 providing 3rd party logistics and warehousing services to national and international businesses, including Wickes, Marks & Spencer, Rockett St George and Brook & Wilde.  Goodwill delivers a full end-to-end fulfilment supply chain solution.

Within the Group we are also prime for the Building Better Opportunities Programme.  Partnering with six Northamptonshire based organisations to deliver the Work Readiness Action Programme (WRAP), a £2.8 million Building Better Opportunities (BBO) project, engaging, supporting and helping people into employment. WRAP looks at the challenges people face, provides access to pre-employment programmes and reduces barriers to work through skills development and vocational training that help people gain the skills they need to find and keep a job.

Our Supply Chain Open Education Academy blends expert staff and accredited courses with flexible learning and a passion for logistics.  We aim to give learners the knowledge and ability to apply it to help them succeed in their career in the UK’s leading industrial sector.

As part of our commitment to helping individuals to enter and thrive within supply chain industries, we offer a variety of formalised learning opportunities and informal support, such as access work-placements and advice. This ranges from entry-level qualifications to professional development and updating for existing logistics professionals.

Social Or Environmental Mission

Goodwill Solutions is Social Business and we work in a way which helps the local community.  We work with disadvantaged people across Northamptonshire in a variety of ways to provide support and a path to a more positive future.  In 2020 we were proud to be awarded the Queens Award for Business in the category Promoting Opportunity.

Goodwill Solutions continues to play a key role in the community, delivering social impact across a wide variety of sectors


  • Employment and Training

  • Health

  • Criminal Justice

  • Social Inclusion


This is delivered both as an individual company, but also through partnership working and networks.

Goodwill Solutions uses profits created by the logistics business to provide grants and in-kind support for a number of local community-focussed organisations in Northamptonshire.


Grants provided in the past 12 months to charities such as Spring Charity, Beyond Recovery, The Spring Family Centre and Hope Centre working with, the homeless, young people, ex-offenders and victims of domestic abuse.

Goodwill Solutions supports Northamptonshire Police by funding an in-kind space for the Police to use for three different programmes.

Community Initiative to Reduce Violence - A gang intervention programme to help reduce violence and drugs associated with gangs.

Early Intervention Hub - Bringing Police and County Council teams working together to identify families in difficulty at an early stage and step-in to offer support.

Cycl-opps scheme - Working with offenders to repair lost or stolen bicycles for community use.

In 2021 Goodwill Solutions CIO provided a grant of £40,000 to support this initiative:

Operating In

Our Logistics business operates across Northamptonshire, the UK, Europe and Worldwide

Head office Address

Main Contact: Mick Perrett (Chief Operating Officer)

1056 Deer Park Road



Telephone: 01604 643185

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